How does you Golf Performance Program Work?

We combine the best of the Titleist Performance Institute, Board Certified Physical Therapy, and SuperSpeed Golf to create a customized Golf Performance plan for you. Take a look at our golf performance consult and what it entails here (video about golf performance consult).

What can I expect on the first session?

On the first session, we will take you through the Titleist Performance Institute Screen which includes 16 different golf specific movements. Each movement gets a grade of a red light, yellow, light or green light (see below)

After we complete the TPI screen we need to look at your power output. The golf swing is a “Power” move where Power = Strength x Speed. We will take a look at your swing speed and compare this with normative date (see link here). We will also look at various strength tests of your upper body, lower body, core, and total body power.

So between the TPI screen, strength tests, speed tests, and power testing, we can make a nice list of what you need to work on.


  • Titleist Performance Institute Screen
  • Home Corrective Exercise Program
  • 1 SuperSpeed Golf Set
  • Packages of 6, 12, or 18 sessions
  • Services provided by a Scratch Golfer & Doctor of Physical Therapy

Week 1

  • Titleist Performance Institute Screen Complete
  • Corrective Exercises Initiated
  • Receive SuperSpeed Golf Set
  • Club Head Speed Analyzed
  • SuperSpeed Protocol #1 Initiated
  • Flexibility, Strengthening, and Speed Exercises with each session

Weeks 2 – 5

  • Review and Update Home Corrective Exercise Program
  • SuperSpeed Protocol #1 continued with coaching
  • Flexibility, Strengthening, and Speed Exercises Progressed

Week 6 and Beyond

  • Finalize Home Corrective Exercise Program
  • SuperSpeed Protocol #1 complete, Discuss Protocol #2
  • Analyze Post-Club Head Speed for Protocol #1

I'm ready to hit farther!

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