How does your Golf Performance Program Work?

We combine the best of the Titleist Performance Institute, Board Certified Physical Therapy, Launch Monitor with Video Swing Assessment, and SuperSpeed Golf to create a customized Golf Performance plan for you.

What can I expect on the first session?

On the first session, we will take you through the Titleist Performance Institute Screen which includes 16 different golf specific movements. Each movement gets a grade of a red light, yellow, light or green light..

After we complete the TPI screen we need to look at your power output. The golf swing is a “Power” move where Power = Strength x Speed. We will take a look at your swing speed and compare this with normative date (GolfWRX-How Do You Compare?). We will also look at various strength tests of your upper body, lower body, core, and total body power.

After the body assessment, we put everything together by watching your swing on camera with a radar simulator. This helps explain what is happening in the golf swing as it relates to your flexibility, strength, and control of your body that we found in the previous tests.

So between the TPI screen, strength tests, speed tests, and power testing, golf swing, and simulator analysis we can make a nice list of what you need to work on.

Then what? 

We will use the results of the Golf Physical to figure out your “Focus” areas. Exercises and drills will be given in video format via our app. We combine this part with follow-up visits at our office (2x weekly is most common.

  • Follow-Up sessions are done at our office 1, 2, or 3 times weekly
  • You’ll be given corrective exercises to do at home in written and video format
  • We will be re-assessing your individualized focus areas each visit
  • We will re-assess the Golf Physical Assessment about every 6 weeks to ensure progress