How does programming at Florida Physio work? 

The program is custom built and individualized based on your assessment, goals, and abilities. We are Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers that use a combination of in-person sessions and remote sessions through the Florida Physio App. If you have an injury, we start with a rehab plan. As you progress, we bridge the gap from rehab to golf performance/training. If you aren’t injured, we create a custom program to improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and speed for golf. Typically, physical therapy is done in-person with 1-on-1 attention to maximize results. Our golfers also meet in-person 1 to 2x weekly OR 1 to 2x monthly (hybrid plan) OR 100% online. 

What is the cost per session?

The cost per 1-on-1 session varies between $98 and $153. For Golf Performance. Your 1st session is $140 with subsequent sessions having package options based on your assessment, goals, and needs. We have pay as you go, pre-paid packages (savings), and monthly membership options. We accept cash, check, credit card, HSA, and some insurances if you qualify. There are in-person, online, and hybrid plans through the Florida Physio App. Pricing varies based on your plan, membership, or package so email if you have any questions. Email info@floridaphysio for pricing. 

Can I use my insurance? 

If you are are physical therapy client, you may be able to use your insurance if your injury or pain is considered “medically necessary,” you have met your deductible, and have physical therapy benefits on your plan. We are in-network with Medicare Part B and many Med B Supplemental Plans. Medical Necessity is complicated and dependent on the individual and usually qualified if the symptoms are affecting activities of daily living (dressing, walking, driving, etc). This typically does not include recreational activities like golf. Please email your insurance information (front and back of card), name, and date of birth to so that we can verify your benefits.

Will I always be with a Doctor of Physical Therapy? 

We take pride in ourselves in that we do not utilize any technicians, assistants, or interns. All visits are 1-on-1 and with Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

Is there a money back guarantee

We want you to meet your goals and take accountability for this. If you don’t make progress towards the results your want from the interventions we provide, you want to cancel between your second and fourth sessions and we will reimburse you. Any un-used pre-paid sessions are 100% reimbursed.