As a part of our “Golf Physical,” we take time to look at your golf swing on camera and with our simulator. We draw lines as reference points in the swing. This gives us an idea of what your shoulders, trunk, hands, arms, and hips are doing. We can make a nice connection between what your swing looks like and what your body can do with the TPI screen.

Some of the lines include shaft plane at address and shaft plane at arm parallel. This creates the “slot.” You may have heard of “over-the-top” before. This slow is in reference to that swing characterics.

One of the most common swing faults we see is early extension. This is where your hips come off the start line during the down swing. The head and hips have a relationship, so if we saw the head go back to create room, the hips will go forward.

Our hips can go forward and back (early extension), side to side (sway and slide), as well as rotate (YES!).

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