Club Head Speed and Distance Killers — Which one are you addressing?

There are 4 categories in which you can address to improve your driver distance off the tee. In this article, we will discuss the first three.

  1. Skill and Technique — Swing Coaches
  2. Equipment — Club Fitters
  3. Your Body — Physio, Trainer, Chiro, etc
  4. Mental Game — Swing Coaches, Psychologist

Skill and Technique

This falls in line with the lessons you receive. You might hear your PGA professional tell you to “get more left” or “load into the right hip” as well as many other verbal and visual cues. This area is probably the most important when it comes to consistency, fundamentals of the golf swing, and distance. 


There are chevy club fitters and Mercedes Benz club fitters. Do your research, avoid the big box stores, ask a friend about their experience. I like the boutique places that are owner operated. Read reviews, ask around, consult with the club fitter before you purchase. This is a big investment but an important one.

You Body’s Ability

What if your swing coach says “load into your turn more” but you physically can’t? Lets back up a bit and change the sport of golf and swinging a club to the made up sport of “lifting your arm.” Everyone has a limit on how high they can lift their arm right? Try it. You might find a firm or uncomfortable restriction at the very end range.

Now what if the instructor for this ridiculous sport analogy proclaimed “you need to lift your arm higher!” That seems silly right? We see this all the time in with golf instructors, but the individual’s body just can’t get to the position to create a good turn, cover the ball, and create speed.

In summary, you should get your body assessed for ability, flexibility, strength, power, speed so that a qualified provider can make a plan and work with you on your body while you are working with the instructor. When the swing starts coming together, then get fitted. Now you’ve covered all 3 bases and can start hitting it further.

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