The Florida Physio Golf Performance Consult

We combined a Physical Therapy Evaluation, Titleist Performance Institute Screen, Club Head Speed Assessment, Strength Assessment, and a Power assessment in our golf performance consult. 

If you are a golfer, there is no surprise that your physical ability plays a huge role in your ability to swing the club efficiently, with speed, with power, and do this pain free over 18 holes.

Our Golf Performance Consult includes 16 movements from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screen that are golf specific and focus mainly on mobility or range of motion. We start with the TPI screen because it really takes the lens nice and wide and helps establish some base lines. You will get an electronic copy of your screen results sent to your email. 

Because the golf swing is really a “power” move we need to look at your overall power. We look at your ability to throw a 6-8# medicine ball from your chest in sitting, and from a shot put right and shot put left. We take the power component and break it down further.

Power, by definition in the strength and conditioning world is SPEED X STRENGTH. So, we look at your club head speed as it relates to norms within your handicap and age range (CLICK HERE). We then do upper body, lower, and core strength tests to assess strength. 

Basically, you are going to get a red light, yellow light, or green light for each test we look at. So between mobility (TPI Screen), strength, speed, and power tests. We can make a list of your problem areas. The Physical Therapy Evaluation is used for is you have a painful area. We use examination techniques performed by a board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy to help determine the cause of your pain and get your on a plan that helps get you out of pain. 

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